Chorium is the 46th World Intelligence Network member society since 5/2014 

Chorium was founded to promote intellectual engagement among musicians. It is free to join the community although membership is restricted to the the top 1% of the population. Prospective members have to complete a two part test which explores Classical and Musical I.Q. Test papers are available to download for you to complete at your leisure.

Chorium is still very much in its infancy. It is envisaged that as the community grows, the nature of it and the way it functions will change. At this stage, there is a forum for members to discuss musical matters and everyone  achieving membership will receive certification of membership.

Although the society was established for the discourse of musical interests, it is important that candidates for membership should come from all fields of work and study in order to contribute to an egalitarian atmosphere of meaningful debate.

How to become a Member

The first part is more of a 'standard' I.Q. Test but its emphasis is on 'creative' aspects which you may not find in tests by Mensa etc. It MUST be completed within 35 minutes. A score over 140 is required for membership.

The answers must be sent, by e-mail, to the Administrator.  Variations of this test may be found elsewhere on the Web. A link to the PDF version of the test can be found at the bottom of this page. Remember that cheating in this part of the test is self defeating in that your true scores will be reflected in the Musical I.Q. test. So please, stick to the rules!

The second part of the Test is the fun part as it measures your Musical I.Q. This section of the test has an unlimited time limit. You may use reference books or the internet where needed. State the reasoning behind the answers you have given. If you don't know answers to any of the questions state 'don't know' on your completed test sheet.

This Test is designed to challenge you, therefore questions are designed to stretch the 'musical' mind of at least degree level and above. The top score for this Test is 170. and a score over 135 will qualify you for membership. A link to the PDF version of the test can be found at the bottom of this page

For some questions you may ask for a hint by sending an e-mail to the Administrator. However, after asking for a hint, any correct answer you give will be worth only HALF the full allocation given to any particular problem before the hint is given. Also, bear in mind that if you give a wrong answer after being given a hint, you will LOSE half of the points allocated to that question. So try not to ask for too many hints.

I.Q. tests measure several factors of intelligence including logical reasoning, math skills and general knowledge. They also measure your ability to understand analogies and relationships and to classify things according to various attributes. I.Q. tests do not usually take into consideration verbal, social, or emotional intelligence. This Test is new in that it measures Musical I.Q. around more 'traditional' conceptions of I.Q.

To this end, Chorium was established:

to encourage meaningful, intellectual and inspiring contact among musicians,

to foster an exchange of ideas on all aspects of music

The minimum age for taking these tests is 16. The reproduction or of this test or the publication of answers to this test is strictly forbidden. Anyone doing so WILL be prosecuted. All results are confidential. Affiliation to any high IQ society above 99 percentile is now mandatory.

When submitting your answers the following must be included:

Full name, E-mail address, age and gender and any other I.Q. test results and affiliation to any high IQ society over 99 percentile.

You will receive your results by e-mail within two weeks of submission.

*NEW* We are now offering Associate Memberships to Chorium for individuals demonstrating outstanding achievement in any of the recognised IQ Tests along with affiliation with any Conservatory or School of Music or proof of musical ability.  We appreciate that the Musical IQ Test is hard and for individuals who have not studied music for a while those difficulties are compounded.

Please Note! The questions are not aimed at merely answering musical theory, knowledge or analytical type questions, rather how musical knowledge, ability and experience can be channelled in a way that reflects an individuals IQ.  The questions have to be approached creatively in order to figure out the answers.  We are not measuring musical aptitude, that is taken as a given for all who embark on answering the Musical IQ Test. This is first and foremost a test of IQ.

Associate Membership gives the Applicant two years Membership during which time the Musical IQ Test must be completed. If it is not completed membership will be rescinded.


Some people have applied to become an Associate Member of  Chorium with excellent scores in the tests to measure general IQ. However, to be considered for Associate membership, evidence of musical ability and/or affiliation to a music school is mandatory.  Applications from those who do not  provide documentation of musical ability will not receive a reply. We would like to remind all prospective members that it is a requirement that the Musical IQ Test is completed within two years of accreditation.

26th April 2012. Congratulations to Louis Sauter who scored 168 in the Musical I.Q. Test.

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Since May 2014, Chorium has been affiliated to The World Intelligence Network (WIN)