To qualify as a member for Chorium, the candidate must pass our approved tests. However, membership will also be confered on any candidate who is affiliated to any of the following organisations. Proof of membership of these other societies must be verified by the Administrator. PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT ALL PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATES MUST PASS THE MUSICAL I.Q. TEST IN ORDER TO QUALIFY AS A MEMBER OF CHORIUM.

- Intertel (IQ>137)

- TOPS (IQ>137)

- Poetic Genius Society (IQ>141)

- Colloquy (IQ>141)

- Cerebrals (IQ>144)

- Epiq (IQ>146)

- CIVIQ (IQ>148)

- Sigma III (IQ>148)

- Glia (IQ>150)

- ISPE (IQ>150)

- TNS (IQ>150)

- OATH (IQ>150)

- IQuadrivium (IQ>150)

- ISI-Society (IQ>151)

- HELLIQ (IQ>160)

- Prometheus Society (IQ>160)

- Ultranet (IQ>164)

- Mega Society (IQ>176)

- Pi Society (IQ>176)

- OLYMPIQ (IQ>180)

- Pars (IQ>180)

- Giga Society (IQ>196)

To qualify as a member of Chorium, proof that the candidate has passed any of the following tests as well as the Society's Music I.Q. Test is also sufficient. Other Tests may also be acceptable upon submission.

Bloom Analogies Test 1/100

California Test of Mental Maturity IQ 137

Cattell (Culture Fair) IQ 140

Cattell Culture Free (Test 2B) 39

Cattell Cuture Free (Test 3A) 35

Cattell (Verbal) IQ 156

Concept Mastery Test 135

Fiqure IQ Test (1st Attempt)

GRE (combined verbal and math, prior to 05/94) 1300

GRE (combined verbal, math, & analytical, between 05/94 and 09/02) 1950

GRE (verbal only, effective 10/02) 740

Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test 135

Mega Test (before 1995) 14 Miller Analogies Test 74

Otis-Alpha 143

Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Test 138

Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices IQ 135

Scholastic Aptitude Test (pre 1993; combined verbal and math) 1375

Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised 138

Stanford-Binet IQ 137

Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI-3) IQ 135

Titan Test 10

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IQ 135