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High Potentials Society




Links to more IQ Tests on the Internet

I.Q. Test Labs  (Timed test. Not high level)

International High I.Q. Society Tests (Timed test. Not high level)

I.Q. Tester  (Mathematical)

The Brainforce Test

Danish Mensa  (Gives the option of taking the test in English.)

Spanish Mensa  (Culture fair)

CFNSE  (Culture fair. High Level. Don't be fooled, very difficult)

GET-gamma (46 questions, normed. Don't expect to score highly!)

G-Test  (High level. Again, don't be fooled.)

Simplex  (Culture fair)

Eureka Test  (Phew!)

Other sites of interest

World Poetry  (Excellent site. Poetry ancient and modern from many cultures)

Project Gutenberg  (Ever growing. Beautiful resource)